Spanish for Dentists: 6 Great (and Free!) Resources

Teeth - smile - smallI unexpectedly had to go to the dentist this week when a filling broke in half and part of it fell out. During my visit, my dentist was telling me about her plans to take her entire team to Guatemala next year to do some pro bono work in poor communities there.

She asked me if I had any resources on Spanish for dentists. I set off on a bit of a quest. Here are six wonderful, free online resources that I found to help English-speaking dentists and dental hygienists learn the basics so they can communicate with Spanish-speaking patients:

  1. English to Spanish Phrase Guide for Dentists –
  2. PracticingSpanish.Com – Spanish for Dentists –
  3. Spanish for the Dental Office  –
  4.  Spanish Words and Phrases for Dentists –
  5. Spanish Guide of Dental Terminology –
  6. English-Spanish Dictionary of Health Related Terms –


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3 Responses to Spanish for Dentists: 6 Great (and Free!) Resources

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  2. First, I’m so happy she wants to learn Spanish before she goes down. That’s saying a lot. Second, I’m happy that there are enough of those helpful people that others have put together guides for this purpose.

  3. Thanks for this–I too know a dentist who does pro bono work in Latin America and other parts of the world. I’ll forward this list to her.

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