Publications and Resources

Research articles on academic integrity and educational ethics

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Open Access Resources

I believe in sharing knowledge through Open Access materials. This page contains links to research reports, “how to” guides and other materials related to teaching, learning and research.

Eaton, S. E. (2018). Avoiding Predatory Journals and Questionable Conferences: A Resource Guide Retrieved from doi:

Eaton, S. E. (2018). Educational Research Literature Reviews: Understanding the Hierarchy of Sources. Retrieved from

Eaton, S. E., Wagner, S., Hirashiki, J., & Ciancio, J. (2018). Understanding and Exploring Signature Pedagogies for TESOL Teacher Education Retrieved from doi:

Eaton, S. E. (2015). Innovations in ELL assessment: Using portfolios to showcase and evaluate learner progress. Retrieved from

Eaton, S. E. (2011, February 25). How to Use Google Forms: A Step-By-Step Guide. Retrieved from

Eaton, S. E. (2011, May 25). Using Portfolios to Assess Learning in a University Course: Effective Learning. Retrieved from

Eaton, S. E., & Goddard, J. T. (2011). Marketing higher education: Comparing Canada, the U.S. and Australia: University of Calgary. Retrieved from

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Eaton, S. E. (2010). Leading Through Language Learning and Teaching: The Case of Gandhi. Paper presented at the Interdisciplinary Language Research: Relevance and Application Series, Language Research Centre, University of Calgary. Retrieved from

Eaton, S. E. (2010). Logic models: What they are and how to prepare one. Retrieved from

Eaton, S. E. (2006). Alberta’s Languages Initiative – Education as a Commodity in a Globalized World. Paper presented at the Canadian Association for the Study of Educational Administration (CASEA) Annual Conference, Toronto, Canada. Retrieved from

Eaton, S. E. (2006, July 18). Business with words: Language programs that generate revenue and impact communities. Paper presented at the Faculty of Education Research Forum, University of Calgary, Canada. Retrieved from

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