Free Resources

Enjoy these free resources. If you like the resources and find them helpful, I appreciate comments to let me know! Thanks.

Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity and Experiential Learning

UHave Integrity: Resource for Teaching Assistants

Educator Resource: How to lead a Discovery Interview about Contract Cheating

Literacy and Language Learning

10 Ways to Excel as a 21st Century Language Educator

101 Ways to Market Your Language Program: 1st Chapter Free

Want to Change the World? Learn Another Language: Leadership Inspired by Language Learning

27 Ways to Celebrate Family Literacy Day

Best practices for late entry learners into college academic upgrading programs: An annotated bibliography

Global Trends in Language Learning in the 21st Century

Formal, non-formal and informal learning: The case of literacy, essential skills and language learning in Canada

Literacy for Deaf Immigrant Adults: A Symposium for Collaboration and Learning – Final report

Language Program Administration and Management

Strategies to Rebuild Language Program Health

Sample Form for Prospective Host _ Billet Families

Five Qualities of the Perfect Host Family

Educational and Non-Profit Marketing

I also maintain a website specifically dedicated to marketing and promotion second and world language programs.

15 Marketing Tips for Educators: Make Money Without Selling Your Soul

Why a Literacy Awareness Campaign Needs to Engage Youth

Working With ESL Agents- Tips From the Pros

What I Learned About Marketing From Making Cappuccino

Social Media

Social Media for Business Owners: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Anatomy of a Social Media Policy


Using webinars for literacy: PD, programming and promotion (video webinar recording)

Skype in the Language Classroom

5 Tips for Real Success With Social Media

Technology and Gaming – Activity

How to Build and Use Google Forms

Step-by-Step Webinar Development Plan

Webinar fees: How much can you charge? (.ppt)

Webinar Best Practices Worldwide: A Collection of Resources

Evaluation of a Videoconferencing Pilot Project: Training for Volunteer Literacy Tutors for speakers of English as an Additional Language (EAL)


Portfolios to Assess Literacy and Second Language

Effective Learning: Using Portfolios to Assess Learning

Presentation Grading Rubric #1

Presentation Grading Rubric #2

Presentation Grading Rubric #3

Presentation Grading Rubric #4

For Students

Success Strategy for Students: How to Cite Class Notes

Success Strategy for Post-Secondary Students : Get to Know Your Instructors

How to Fit in at University

Success Strategy for Students- Template for Reading and Understanding Academic Journal Articles


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