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Want to Change the World? Learn Another Language: Leadership Inspired by Language Learning

Based on 6 years of research and 12 years of experience teaching languages, this ebook links language learning to personal, community and world leadership, showing how learning a language can help us change the world in wildly positive ways. It touches upon themes of education, storytelling, empowerment, power, culture, critical thinking and problem solving.

The book highlights world leaders such as

  • Albert Einstein
  • Nelson Mandela
  • Mohandas Gandhi
  • Rigoberta Menchu

These great leaders extended their reach, impact and influence because they spoke more than one language. Learning other languages gave them opportunities to engage in meaningful conversations, connect with others and the work that they were so deeply passionate about a larger scale.

When we learn other languages, we change who we are. We grow to understand and appreciate the world around us in new and meaningful ways. As we change, so the world changes. That’s the real reason we believe in the power of learning other languages. Because when we do, we learn to reach out to others, connect deeply and express our passion for life and our life’s work in profoundly transformative ways.

This ebook includes practical classroom activities teachers can use with students of a variety of ages.

Themes: leadership, empowerment, second and foreign languages, stories, story telling, changing the world.

Go on, be empowered.

Click to download your free copy of:
Want to Change the World? Learn Another Language: Leadership Inspired by Language Learning

Update: April 16, 2012 – The e-book has now been downloaded more than 5000 times — just from this website alone. Thank you to everyone who has downloaded it, left a comment or sent an e-mail. Connecting with you makes it all worthwhile!


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34 Responses to Free ebook

  1. […] original content, including practical tips that your reader can start applying immediately. This ebook by language educator Dr Sarah Eaton was downloaded more than 5,000 times from her website alone, […]

  2. Lisa Anderson (@6anderson1world) says:

    Thank you for your effort in making the world a smaller, friendlier place. 🙂 Fellow second language teacher, world traveller, mom and new author.

  3. Lesley Sekati says:

    I would luv to learn Portugues or French

  4. Shery Simone says:

    I am now not certain the place you’re getting your information, however good topic. I must spend some time finding out more or understanding more. Thank you for excellent info I used to be looking for this info for my mission.

  5. Eladio Delos Santos Robles says:

    Good morning Mrs.Dr.Sarah Elaine Eaton. by your brilliant efort to teach all students that want to learn and in a little future will teach anothers, is a good job and god blessings people like you and have been inspirations a lot off people in the world , and I´m one of this quantity.. congratulations and blessings..

    your, Eladio..

  6. EComfort says:

    I am bilingual in French and English, speak a smattering of other languages. This capacity has enriched my life in many ways. My only regret is not having pursued more opportunities to learn more!

  7. Admin says:

    Dear Dr. Sarah

    I do agree with you that learning other language is a fascinating experience. I am Indonesian who are interested to study english. You know, here, English is as foreign language. So that we, actually has limited chances to enhance our English. You may share many related to the english learning due to my recent activities in my postgraduate need more information of it..
    Thanks alot

  8. hutch says:

    thank you so much for sharing your book… it really helps me a lot…… AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Great Information, thanks for this useful Post. I will subscribe to your feed for updates. Also check this learning information: The Best Way To Learn Spanish

  10. I agree with your statement how to change the world. However, it is a fact that the conventional methods are inefficient: they consider language as an information to be learned not as a skill to be trained. ESL learners are digital learners with new objectives and characteristics: they want to learn fast using modern multi-media technologies that will help them in learning a foreign language at a subconscious level. We need ESL learning technology that would be faster and cheaper to open up a market of one billion ESL learners.

    • Thanks for the comment. No one’s denying your claim that traditional methods are outdated in today’s technology driven world. Technology is an important theme that I, and others, have identified in the research. You may want to look up previous posts such as “Global Trends in Language Learning in the 21st Century” or “Trends in Language Learning: What’s hot, what’s not” to see that others agree with your point that technology is important in education in the 21st century.

  11. What a great blog you have. And your e-book is wonderful. Have sent the link to all the employees at Livemocha and asked them to read it. Have also tweeted it out and hope many get the chance to read it. Thank you for sharing!

  12. Thank you for sharing this-an inspiration to all language teachers.

  13. lourdes says:

    Hi, I feel excited to talk to you. I`m a Mexican teacher from La Paz,Baja California Sur and recently I got a new job and I would like to recieve some advise from you.
    I work with children, they are between 5 and 8 years old and the first thing I do is teaching vocabulary and basic grammar at the begining, but (I just down load the book you recomend us to read -I haven`t read it yet)but I never thougt that teaching English could be teaching by an informal way…it sounds very interesting.
    I`ve been teaching English sice 1998 and I`m sure my students learned to speak, but I always wanted to know if there exist another way to teach a foraing language, and I think I found it…thank you very much for sare every thing you know.
    Best regards to you and your readers.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Hello! I just want to state that I like your writing way and that I’m going to follow your blog continually from now Stay the best!

  15. Today the ebook just had it’s 1000th download! Thank you, everyone!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the terrific site. I’ll be bookmarking this resource and checking back often….

  17. Shonda Denzer says:

    great blog you got here, thanks for the hints and tips i will bookmark your site and return often to check it out, many thanks on your good work

  18. Francis Myles says:

    Dr. Sarah. This is Francis from uganda. I wanted to know whether theres any way of getting to read that book from you. I really love being a multilingual. Currenly I can speak fluent English and some bit of French, german and Spanish. Can I receive any change of becoming fluent as well?
    Thanks so much for that very great work you are doing for us. We appreciate.
    Francis kanyone

  19. Thanks so much for reposting the ebook, Paulo!

  20. You’ve posted this link on a LinkedIn group and I came to check it. Many thanks for your free e-book, Dr. Sarah. All the best and have a great day!

  21. Danomac says:

    Brilliant piece of spade work, Dr. Sarah. If a child learns another language, they activate and enable a whole new garden of “neuronal flowers” to blossom. Keep up the good work. Having you in our world’s garden makes for bountiful harvests for us all.

  22. Glauco says:

    Hi Sarah, My name is Glauco, I teach english in Brazil for executives and children, I really appreciate your website. Thanks a lot!


  23. A huge thank you to Ana Suarez, who posted a link to the ebook on her page. Go check out her blog at:

  24. Billur Cremer says:

    Dear Sarah,
    We think so alike.I am Turkish American.Being raised in both cultures and exposed to two languages,I realize and appreciate what advantages “being bilingual” brings into my life.
    This way,I can have access to most of the information sources and learn about many things which puts me ahead of others.Thanks to my lingual ability,I almost became a leader in my social community.
    I am an alive witness of what contributions a foreign language can make in your life therefore I thoroughly support your slogan in “Want to Change the World?Learn another Language”.It can not be defined better.
    Wish you lots of success,
    Billur Cremer

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