Performance Consulting for Educational Programs

Are your enrollments not where you want them to be? Does your marketing and recruitment plan get a failing grade? Is your program under threat of being shut down due to low enrollment? Dr. Sarah Eaton works specializes in working with educational program directors, managers and leaders. She coaches you on how to develop strategic marketing and recruitment plans, offering advice and counsel on how to use limited resources wisely. Are you managing a program that is at risk of closure? By working with Dr. Sarah, you get strategic advice on how to buy time and demonstrate to funders or higher administrators why a program should remain open. Performance consulting focuses on the organization, school or department as a whole.

Dr. Sarah has worked with public, private and non-profit language schools and literacy programs in 3 countries, helping them to improve their operations, management, marketing and recruiting. Consulting is offered on an hourly, 1-month, quarterly or annual basis in person, by phone or via Skype.

“When I originally contacted Sarah, my expectation was to get just a few pointers about how to tackle the language learning industry as a young language program.  What I received was much more… Marketing, business conceptualization, curriculum considerations, networking, consideration of industry standards..and the list goes on.  Sarah has offered holistic support which has helped to create a solid foundation for our new language program.

However, the most helpful part of Sarah’s support has been her attitude.  Optimistic yet realistic, it is clear that her passion for what she does is genuine, and that she genuinely wants to see her clients succeed.”

-Kurt Cordice, Enigmatic Expeditions

Contact Dr. Sarah at sarahelaineeaton @  to inquire about performance consulting for language and literacy schools and programs.

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