Press and Media

Journalists, news reports or media representatives with specific story requirements and deadlines, can get professional, evidence-based educator / expert commentary on any topic relating to:

  • academic integrity
  • plagiarism
  • formal, non-formal and informal education
  • language learning
  • educational technology (particularly as it relates to language learning)
  • trends in education (locally and globally)

Most recent media mentions

King, J. M. (2017). Innovating American English outreach in collaboration with the private sector.  Retrieved from

Rice, B. (2017). When The White House Calls…. Retrieved from


Calgary Herald – March 21, 2012 – “Craigie Hall Asbestos Levels Normal: Review

Success Magazine – March 2011 “Spend Your Way to Prosperity: Speak Their Language”

Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, Speaking of Impact – November 2010 – “You can Virtually Go Global With Webinars”

Education News – July 2010 – “An Interview with Dr. Sarah Elaine Eaton: Language Learning in the 21st Century”

E-Learning Queen Blog – June 2010 – “Interview with Sarah Eaton: Innovator in E-Learning”

Calgary Herald – June 2010 – “Robert Hamilton Memorial Road Race”

The Current – May 2009 – “Symposium Challenges Views on Literacy for Deaf Immigrants”

On Campus – October 2007 – “Students Organize Language Frameworks Forum”

Mount Royal Leader – December 10, 2002 – “Selling Language Courses Without Selling Out”

University of Calgary Gazette – May 21, 2002 – “ launches at U of C”

Calgary Herald – May 18, 2002 – “Spreading Word to Honduras”

University of Calgary Gauntlet – May 2002 – “University of Calgary Teaches English Online”

Maroon & White – Winter 2002 – “Taking The Entrepreneurial Plunge”

Rising Women Magazine – July / August 2001 – “World Class Business: The Basics of Cross-Cultural Awareness”

Calgary Sun – March 12, 2000 – “Sí, Señor, Learning Spanish is Popular”

University of Calgary Gazette – June 14, 1999 – “Calgary Gets Good Grades From Honduran University President”

University of Calgary Gazette – December 1997 – “Japanese Cultural Exchange Promotes Internationalization”

University of Calgary Gazette – June 1998 – “Cash-strapped Cubans Craving Knowledge and Canadian Pen Pals”

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