Press and Media

Journalists, news reports or media representatives with specific story requirements and deadlines, can contact me for professional, evidence-based educator / expert commentary on the following topics:

  • academic integrity, academic dishonesty, academic misconduct
  • plagiarism
  • exam cheating
  • contract cheating, essay mills, term paper mills
  • educational ethics, academic ethics


Radio – Joyce, S. (2021, March 17). Expert weighs in on rise in plagiarism cases at TRU. Daybreak Kamloops. CBC Radio, Kamloops, BC, Canada. (Eaton, S.E., interviewed).

Radio / Web – Uguen-Csenge, E. (2021, March 4). UBC accounting class told to redo midterm exam after students accused of cheating online. CBC News. (S. Eaton, interviewed).

Radio – Radley, S. (2021, February 2). Will Zoom exams creepily spy on students? Scott Radley Show, Global News Radio: 900 CHML, Hamilton, ON. (Eaton, S.E., interviewed).

Web – Keate, N. (2021, January 2). Rise in student cheating during the Covid-19 pandemic, say universities. (S. Eaton, quoted).


Print/Web – Basken, P. (2020, December 23). Universities say student cheating exploding in Covid era. Times Higher Education. S. Eaton, interviewed.

TV – 2020, October 21. Universities use exam monitoring software to stave off midterm cheating. The National: CBC.

TV – 2020, July 5. Academic Misconduct during the Pandemic. Television interview with Jennifer Burke for CTV News Channel, Canada.

Podcast – S. Lawrence (Producer). (2020, April 30). Episode 141: Academic integrity: Do the right thing. S. Eaton, interviewed. Retrieved from

Print/Web – Lai, L. (2020, April 17). Explore academic integrity and combat virtual cheating in online courses. UCalgary News. S. Eaton, interviewed.  Retrieved from

Print/Web – Antoneshyn, A. (2020, March 4). Cheating scheme leaves 40 U of A students facing ‘significant sanctions’. CTV News (Edmonton). (Eaton, S.E., interviewed.)

TV – 2020, March 3. Cheating scheme leaves 40 U of A students facing ‘significant sanctions’/Interviewer: J. Halbauer. CTV News Edmonton & Calgary.

Radio – 2020, March 3. Cheating allegations at the U of A — among computing science student/Interviewer: M. Cummings. CBC News, Edmonton AM.

Radio – 2020, February 7. Exam cheating in Newfoundland. Interviewer: B. Hillier. CBC Newfoundland Morning.

Print media – Slark, C. (2020, February 5). Students had exam questions before writing it: BUSU president. Brandon Sun. Retrieved from (Eaton, S.E., interviewed).


TV – 2019, October 11. Young Kids Targeted for Contract Cheating. Interviewer: J. Rocher. Bridge City News, Lethbridge, AB. Retrieved from:

Print/web media – Snow, J. (2019, October 9). Commercial contract cheating: How common is it? U Calgary News. Retrieved from (Eaton, S.E., interviewed).

Radio – 2019, September 9. Academic Integrity: The Cheating Epidemic/Interviewer: M. Smyth. Lynda Steele Show, Global News Radio: 980 CKNW, Vancouver.

TV – 2019, March 13. Canadian parents can’t bribe universities to accept kids. CityTV News. Reporter: Muma, J.Canada: Rogers Media Inc. Retrieved from: (Eaton, S.E., interviewed).

Print/web media – Student and Enrollment Services Staff. (2019, February 27). What is “pay to pass”?: Understand the issues around paying for academic support. UToday. Retrieved from (Eaton, S.E., interviewed).


Print/web media – Sowa, J. (2018, March 16). Campus scholars warned about increasing problem posed by predatory journals and conferences. UToday. Retrieved from

Print/web media – Ruddock, K. (2018, January 2). Digital repository improvements expand accessibility of research by UCalgary scholars. UToday. Retrieved from (Eaton, S.E., interviewed).


Print media – King, J. M. (2017). Innovating American English outreach in collaboration with the private sector.  Retrieved from

Print media – Rice, B. (2017). When The White House Calls…. Retrieved from

Prior to 2017

Calgary Herald – March 21, 2012 – “Craigie Hall Asbestos Levels Normal: Review

Success Magazine – March 2011 “Spend Your Way to Prosperity: Speak Their Language”

Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, Speaking of Impact – November 2010 – “You can Virtually Go Global With Webinars”

Education News – July 2010 – “An Interview with Dr. Sarah Elaine Eaton: Language Learning in the 21st Century”

E-Learning Queen Blog – June 2010 – “Interview with Sarah Eaton: Innovator in E-Learning”

Calgary Herald – June 2010 – “Robert Hamilton Memorial Road Race”

The Current – May 2009 – “Symposium Challenges Views on Literacy for Deaf Immigrants”

On Campus – October 2007 – “Students Organize Language Frameworks Forum”

Mount Royal Leader – December 10, 2002 – “Selling Language Courses Without Selling Out”

University of Calgary Gazette – May 21, 2002 – “ launches at U of C”

Calgary Herald – May 18, 2002 – “Spreading Word to Honduras”

University of Calgary Gauntlet – May 2002 – “University of Calgary Teaches English Online”

Maroon & White – Winter 2002 – “Taking The Entrepreneurial Plunge”

Rising Women Magazine – July / August 2001 – “World Class Business: The Basics of Cross-Cultural Awareness”

Calgary Sun – March 12, 2000 – “Sí, Señor, Learning Spanish is Popular”

University of Calgary Gazette – June 14, 1999 – “Calgary Gets Good Grades From Honduran University President”

University of Calgary Gazette – December 1997 – “Japanese Cultural Exchange Promotes Internationalization”

University of Calgary Gazette – June 1998 – “Cash-strapped Cubans Craving Knowledge and Canadian Pen Pals”

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