Unboxing: Plagiarism in Higher Education: Tackling Tough Topics in Academic Integrity

Plagiarism in Higher Education: Tackling Tough Topics in Academic Integrity has officially been released!

Yesterday was a pretty exciting day because my author copies arrived. The books were delivered during the day, so I waited until after work to open them. I made an unboxing video so I could share the experience with you:

Here’s an overview of what’s in the book:

  • Introduction: Overview of the book
  • Chapter 1: A brief history of plagiarism
  • Chapter 2: Contextualizing and defining plagiarism in higher education
  • Chapter 3: Intentionality, textuality, and other complicating factors
  • Chapter 4: A multi-stakeholder systems approach to plagiarism: The 4M framework
  • Chapter 5: Evaluation and assessment
  • Chapter 6: Self-plagiarism
  • Chapter 7: Academic file-sharing: Sharing is caring, and other myths
  • Chapter 8: Contract cheating: Outsourced academic work
  • Chapter 9: Diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Chapter 10: Recognizing, reporting, and resolving plagiarism
  • Chapter 11: Plagiarism by professors and researchers
  • Chapter 12: Conclusion: Contemplating the future of plagiarism

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing some highlights from the book through a series of blog posts, so stay tuned!


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Sarah Elaine Eaton, PhD, is a faculty member in the Werklund School of Education, and the Educational Leader in Residence, Academic Integrity, University of Calgary, Canada.

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