Language Learning and Technology – Showcase of Student Work

University of Calgary logoThis post showcases the work of students in Language Teaching and Technology (EDER 669.73), which is a Master’s of Education course. Students who take this course are enrolled in the Language and Literacy Specialization program.

This showcase features the work of students enrolled in the Summer 2018 semester. The students whose work is featured here have given me explicit written permission to share their projects publicly on my blog. I am so proud of the work they have done in an intensive 6-week course.

These projects are examples of authentic assessment for learning at the graduate level. I challenged students to conceptualize, design and develop a project that they could actually use in their own teaching context. Projects were to be tailored to the age, language proficiency level and context of their learners. The results are individualized to each student’s particular professional practice.

Projects had to be evidence-based, supported by relevant research and grounded within pedagogical frameworks, such as TPACK or some other framework that students selected and provided a rationale for.

Check out the amazing projects they created:

Kiran Basran – Language Adapted English 10: Resource and Collaboration Site for Teachers of LAE 10 –

Kirsten Cavanaugh – The Name Jar Project –

Renee Clark – Canadian Language Benchmark 6 “Buying a Home” Module –

Danielle Derosier – Life is a Story! What Does Your Say? –

Soda Pich – English Speech for Beginners –

Donna Seitz – Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs –

Jane Tyrell – Student Identity Project –

Man Xu – Stop Motion Movie –

Shelam Zhou – Canadian Song Bird –


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