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Sarah Eaton, blog, leadershipI don’t normally share things I find on Facebook on my blog, but this one touched me in a deep way. This photo was posted today. with the caption “Recently seen in Hoboken, New Jersey.”  That area is among those devastated by “Frankenstorm”. If you can’t read the sign attached to the fence in the photo, it says, “We have power. Feel free to charge your phone.”

You can see the power bar and extension cord coming from the residence. You can also see people gathered around, with mobile phones plugged into the power bar, so they can charge their devices. Once charged, the phones can be used to communicate family and loved ones who are far away, or even those who are close by.

This is an excellent example of people in communities coming together to help one another. It is a simple, small gesture of generosity can can ripple across continents, as loved ones far away can receive a message that says, “We are safe.”

The line on the sign “We have power” means so much more than “We have electricity”.

When we help others, we always have power.


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Sarah Elaine Eaton is a faculty member in the Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary, Canada.


4 Responses to We have power

  1. Cobb Zygadlo says:

    Thank you for posting this Sarah. I cannot begin to express what that might mean to people who have been affected by the storm. I know what it meant to me and my family to be able to get them messages that we were ok, and we were not in an area that saw much devastation. For those in NY and NJ, and for their families (and yes, some of our students are those family members), this small blessing can mean a momentary and fleeting experience of normalcy and community when one literally has lost their community and is racked with feelings of powerlessness.


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