Thrilled to be nominated for a TechRev Award

TechRev Award, nomination Exceptional Webinars, Sarah Eaton, Sarah Elaine Eaton, Calgary, webinar, webinarsOne of the projects I’m involved in is Exceptional Webinars, where we run train-the-trainer programs on how to develop and deliver great webinars. We started in 2011 and have run live courses and workshops, as well as e-learning training programs.

Since we started, we’ve had almost 200 people through the various programs, working with teachers, non-profit organizations, professional speakers, workshop facilitators, adult educators and corporate trainers.

Last week, we were honoured and thrilled to receive a notice saying that we have been nominated for a TechRev Award. Those who are selected as TechRev Innovators meet these criteria:

TechRev Innovators may be at any stage in their company’s life cycle. We are pleased to include those companies who are pre-commercial as well as those who are firmly established with a history of success.
Companies from across the broad spectrum of advanced technology innovation are eligible to be considered for TechRev Innovator recognition.
Global trend analysis may suggest greater potential in certain key sub-sectors such as geomatics, clean tech and wireless, while companies in ICT, life science technologies and advanced engineering among others are also considered important to regional innovation sustainability.
The winners are announced in September. For now, we are honoured to be nominated for the award.

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Sarah Elaine Eaton is a faculty member in the Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary, Canada.


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