Twitter for Teachers: A Basic Guide

I’m teaching a workshop next week for educators on the basics of Twitter. I’ve put together a guide to help teachers learn the basics of how to set up and use a Twitter account.

The guide is still in draft format, but if you’d like a sneak preview, I’d love your feedback:

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Sarah Elaine Eaton is a faculty member in the Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary, Canada.

2 Responses to Twitter for Teachers: A Basic Guide

  1. Really informative, thank you. I’m a twitter using teacher and find it the best tool for professional development. For educators, apart form connecting with other like minded professionals, twitter is great for attending conferences using # and participating in “chats” such as “edchat”. I also use lists to group people that I don’t follow, e.g grouping many maths teachers together to see what conversations are happening. It’s a bit like using # but instead you know who is in the list. If someone is interesting then follow. There are so many ways to use twitter in your teaching practice.

    • Thanks so much for the comment, Penny. I agree with you, there are so many ways to use Twitter in your teaching practice. I LOVE your idea of using lists to group people that you don’t follow. Thanks a million for sharing that.

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