Dr. Sarah’s favorite resources of the week (Dec. 18-24, 2011)

Here are my favorite resources of the week, curated from my Twitter account.

Social Media Resources, Policy tools and How To’s

Crafting a Social Media Policy for Your Business – by Yfran Garcia

5 Tips for Teachers to Navigate Facebook’s Features and Risks – by Linda Fogg Phillips

Social Media Snafus of 2011: A Study in HR Best Practices – by Kyle Lagunas

Social Media News

Tread carefully with background checks on social media: Privacy watchdog issues warning – by James Wood, Edmonton Journal

Ireland tells Facebook to boost privacy – by Tim Bradshaw, Financial Times

Educational Technology

Top Ed-Tech Trends of 2011: Social Media — Adoption & Crackdown by Audrey Watters

Using Social Media to Teach: Keep It Transparent, Open and Safe – by Carol Shakeshaft, NY Times


Books vs. screens: Which should your kids be reading? – by John Barber, Globe and Mail

Adult Literacy Resources – Decoda Literacy Solutions

2012: The Year Mobile Reading Grows Up – by Tim Carmody

Fostering a love of reading for success – by Sean Wilson, Ottawa Citizen

English as an Additional Language

12 ways of creating stories with your EFL students – by Simon Thomas

International Languages News and Resources

Oy vey! Yiddish making a comeback at colleges – by Dorie Turner, San Francisco Gate

Chinese is the new English – IBN Live

When it comes to jobs, being bilingual is an advantage – by Catharine Hadley

When Learning Languages, Motivation Matters Most: An Interview with Bruno della Chiesa – by Nancy Walser, Harvard Education Letter

Language Learning Through Hip-Hop Music? Hellz Yeah – by Mikaela Conley, ABC News

Foreign language educators encourage fluency, but students say it’s a challenge – by Stephen J. Pytak

Early Language Learning in Europe – edited by Janet Enever

Education Resources

Using Multiple Intelligences to keep students engaged – WriteToLearn

An Educator’s Guide for Changing the World: Methods, Models and Materials for Anti-Oppression and Social Justice Workshops – SocialJustice.org

Education News

English proficiency test gets ‘F’ for stress – by Kristen Parker – Futurity

Government of Canada Makes Education More Affordable for Part-Time Students – Marketwire


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Sarah Elaine Eaton is a faculty member in the Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary, Canada.

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