Global Issues in Language Teaching and Learning

University of Calgary A few colleagues and I at the University of Calgary are collaborating to team teach a block week course this fall:

LANG 599 / 699: Global Issues in Language Teaching and Learning
Block Week Fall 2011: September 6-10, 2011

Course description:

In today’s multilingual society, each of us is both a language learner and a language teacher. In this interdisciplinary course we will discuss current research and its practical implications as they relate to language teaching and learning. Students will engage with real-world data and will have the opportunity to publish course papers.

Instructors: Dr. Mary O’Brien, Dr. Sarah Eaton, Roswita Dressler and Katherine Mueller.

Course location: This course is taught live (face-to-face) at the University of Calgary.

Prerequisites: Senior or graduate student standing.

To register: Contact Mary O’Brien (


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