Sample Forms: Language School Application and Photo Release

I’m often asked by clients how to build a registration form for a new school or program. The two most requested forms are:

  • A sample registration form for a language school.
  • A photo release form for marketing materials.

I’ve developed sample forms that you can download for free.

I’ve designed them to give you an idea of what you’ll want to include on your own forms. Feel free to modify or customize them for your own language school or literacy program.


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One Response to Sample Forms: Language School Application and Photo Release

  1. Stephen Noble John says:

    Hello! Dr. Sarah

    This is Steven. Just came across your web page through Google search for Enrollment form sample. You did a marvelous job. It sure helps a lot. I own a small Language Center in Pakistan (City: Karachi).
    I also produce stuff for IELTS AND TOEFL Students such as practicing material.It’s been ages I’ve been doing it.
    Need your help how to market.
    Thank you! ((((hugs))))

    With Regards

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