2010 Recap: Literacy and Language Professionals who Lead by Example

In 2010 I started a new series to showcase the amazing work of some Literacy and Language Professionals who Lead by Example. Last year, I featured the work of 6 amazing educators in Canada and the United States, whose work focused on:

Brent David Novodvorski, a Deaf teacher of ASL and ESL.

  • Literacy, ESL literacy and Deaf literacy
  • American Sign Language
  • ESL
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Mandarin

I encourage you to check out their profiles and see the difference these people make to our profession:

Cheryl Haga (USA: French, Mandarin and Spanish)

Meike Thomson, German bilingual educator

Brent Novodvorski (Canada: American Sign Language (ASL), English as a Second Language (ESL), Deaf Literacy)

Paul Rogers (USA: ESL)

Martha Urquhart (Canada: Literacy, ESL Literacy)

Meike Thomsen (Canada: German, German-English bilingual education)

Felix Wöhler (Canada: English as a Second Language)

I’m now looking for suggestions for the 2011 series.

Here are the criteria I use for the series:

  • Literacy or language professionals should have practical classroom experience.
  • Their daily practice sets them apart as people who lead by example.
  • Their work inspires you and will likely inspire others.

Send me an e-mail at saraheaton2001 (at) yahoo.ca to nominate someone today. (I prefer nominations of others to self-nominations.)


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