Ten Trends in 21st Century Education

Learning in this century differs greatly from education of the 20th century in some ways. As the first decade of the new millennium wraps up, we can look back and see these trends that have emerged and are likely to continue in the coming decade.

  1. Increased use and integration of technology.
  2. Globalized approaches to learning.
  3. Awareness of economic factors affecting education.
  4. Need for a highly skilled, competitive workforce.
  5. “Borderless” and cross-border education.
  6. Increased student and faculty mobility.
  7. Individualized, customizable, learner-centred approaches.
  8. Strategic partnerships and alliances among governments, school boards, schools and individual educators.
  9. Emergence of non-formal and informal learning, driven by technology
  10. Frameworks, benchmarks and other asset-based approaches to assessment.


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Sarah Elaine Eaton is a faculty member in the Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary, Canada.


3 Responses to Ten Trends in 21st Century Education

  1. SuSaw says:

    11. downward spiral in public education
    12. increase in college applications, decrease in acceptance rates
    13. drastic cuts to early education
    14. push against teachers unions
    15. no one knows what works, one size does not fit all
    16. rise of reformers
    17. a sorry state of affairs

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