Free, online resources on how to take notes in university

Know someone in university or college who struggles with note taking? Here are a few excellent free, online resources that offer practical tips, strategies and advice.

Taking Class and Lecture notes
Dartmouth College site on note taking. Scroll to the bottom of the page for even more resources.

Note Taking Skills from Lectures and Readings
Exeter University (U.K.) page on taking good notes. There are other links directly under the main title of the article to related pages. Good stuff here.

Taking and making notes
Page from St. Andrew’s University (UK). I like this page because it takes a strength-based approach to note-taking.

How to Take Effective Class Notes
Very practical article with excellent tips.

Taking notes from Textbooks
University of Athabasca page on how to take notes from textbook. Very practical advice on how to get the most out of your textbooks.

Note taking at University
This page is a little text-heavy and definitely worth the time. It’s jam-packed full of useful strategies for note taking.


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