“UCLA report details recession’s impact on schools”

On June 21, 2010 he San Francisco Examiner reporter, Terence Chea, wrote “UCLA report details recession’s impact on schools“. The article gives highlights from a study conducted by UCLA’s Institute for Democracy, Education and Access. The study “interviewed 87 elementary, middle and high principals across California to gauge the impact of the recession and budget cuts on student welfare and school learning environments.”

The study found that:

  • 62 percent of principals reported that teachers in their schools had been laid off, threatened with layoffs or reassigned to other schools. The number of actual layoffs was four times greater at schools in poorer communities than wealthier communities.
  • 67 percent reported that class sizes had increased, with 74 percent of elementary school principals reporting larger class sizes.
  • 75 percent reported that summer school had been reduced or eliminated.
  • 75 percent reported reductions in instructional materials and supplies.
  • 70 percent reported cuts to professional development programs.
  • 67 percent reported growing housing insecurity, which includes homelessness, families moving in together and families moving away for economic reasons.
  • 51 percent reported an increase in the health, psychological or social service needs of their students.

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