Nigeria launches national literacy awareness campaign

Nigeria has invested big dollars in a nation-wide literacy awareness campaign. Just last week it was announced that the National Commission for Mass Literacy, Adult and Non-Formal Education in Nigeria is launching a massive, national literacy awareness campaign across that country’s 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory.

Their plan (and a good one, I think) is to launch a radio awareness campaign. Literacy awareness campaigns differ from traditional marketing because they need to focus less on printed brochures, advertisements and other word-based forms of promotion. A radio campaign is a brilliant idea.

The country has invested 96.5 Million Nigerian nairas to fund this campaign. If I’ve done my math right, this translates into approximately $650,000 Canadian dollars, which is about $643,000 USD. Critics are saying this isn’t enough of an investment. Others are applauding the initiative.

I count myself among the second group. This is a tremendous initiative. A national campaign such as this requires a tremendous amount of planning, organization and coordination. I will be watching with interest as this unfolds.

Read more in this recent news article.


3 Responses to Nigeria launches national literacy awareness campaign

  1. robes says:

    awesome article.

  2. @ceyres – Yes, I’ve been doing international work for some time now, mostly with Europe and Mexico. Never worked with Africa yet. I am eager to see how this initiative shapes up as I think it’ll have an impact on the society there.

  3. creyres says:

    Are considering branching out to international work or possibly international partnerships? I am sure there are many avenues that do not require you to travel but you can still provide consulting services. Pretty cool.

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